La Wellness Valley è il primo distretto mondiale del benessere e qualità della vita, si trova in Romagna, tra le province di Rimini, Forli-Cesena e Ravenna.
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Cities of Art

What remains after visiting one or even all of them, is not only their architectonic splendour, but also the cordiality of its people, always ready to welcome visitors with a sincere smile.

Rimini, Cesena, Forlì and Ravenna are the Cities of Art, embedded in the Wellness Valley like precious pearls.
The four cities absolutely differ from one another but are similar in the quality of life they offer: all are easy to visit on foot or by bike, and are a succession of history, artistic talent and immense beauty. They are all imbued with a unique family atmosphere and the slow rhythms of daily life.
What remains deep inside, after visiting one or all of them, is not only their splendid architecture but also the sincere cordiality of its people, always ready to welcome visitors with a smile. The eight UNESCO monuments, along with the tomb of Dante Alighieri, and the Domus of Stone carpets and its basilicas and baptisteries, are the treasures that make Ravenna a real, open-air heritage. Besides the beauty of its historic centre, do not miss an excursion to the pine woods of Classe and San Vitale that fascinated and seduced Lord Byron (who spent two years of his life here) and to which the English poet dedicated some of his verses.
Legacies like the bell tower of San Mercuriale and the Cathedral with its cloister immersed in the outer garden are undoubtedly worth visiting in Forlì. Cesena is the starting point of an itinerary to discover Bertinoro and its magnificent fort traced to the 10th century, and the medieval village of Longiano (Orange Flag award) with its dual town walls and its enchanting theatre imbued with tradition. Lastly, Rimini, a city traced to Roman times, offers extraordinary artistic testimonials of its origin, such as the Surgeon’s House, the Tiberius Bridge, the Arch of Augustus, the Domus and the Malatesta Temple which conserves the works of internationally renowned Italian artists, from Giotto to Piero della Francesca.

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