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Salina di Comacchio
Anguille di Comacchio
Mausoleo di Teodorico
Info and start:
km: 65
difference in altitude: flat land
bike: trekking bike
track: cycling paths, unsurfaced roads, pinewood paths.

via Trepponti, 2, Comacchio (Fe)

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Route details
Comacchio - S. Alberto - Marina Romea - Porto Corsini - Marina di Ravenna - Punta Marina - Ravenna

An itinerary through the heart of the Delta del Po Park: along the Comacchio Valleys, river banks and coastal pinewoods, to reach Ravenna, the capital of Byzantine art and treasure chest to be discovered, with 8 monuments being listed as Unesco World Heritage sites. A route scheduled as part of the AdriaBike itinerary, connecting Ravenna to Kranjska Gora.

Not to be missed:
an off-road route on flat land, yet a respectable cycling experience; both for the variety of road surfaces, and the natural- environmental one.


1 - Trepponti Bridge
The most representative monument in Comacchio, built in 1638, it used to be the fortified town gate.
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2 - Comacchio Valleys
Lagoon and marsh area stretching over more than 13,000 acres, from Comacchio to the Reno river. In ancient times these Valleys were filled with fresh water, but were gradually filled by sea water, defining the landscape of the saline water valleys that they still maintain today.
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3 - Ferrara food and wine trails
A succession of foggy cultivated crop fields, rice fields and watercourses, brackish valleys and overtowering buildings from the Este family period, are the frame to wine-growing and farming production, agri-food activities and enogastronomic specialities. Typical products and services from the territory of Ferrara, in the framework of an eco-compatible economy.
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4 - Boscoforte Peninsula
A string of dunes dating back to the Etruscan Age, stretches along the left bank of the Reno river for about 6 km. The birdlife is extremely rich: this is a privileged place for nesting, and for the passage of plovers, sheldrakes, spoonbills and flamingoes.
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5 - NatuRa Sant’Alberto Museum
NatuRa is the Museum of Natural Sciences of the town of Ravenna and acts as the Visitors Centre at the Delta del Po Park. The starting point for free excursions and guided tours, it offers didactic materials and documentation.
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6 - Porto Corsini Coastal Dune Natural Reserve
Dune area which represents an important biotope for the presence of endangered plant species. It covers a small coastal area behind dunes on 2.5 acres, included in the Delta del Po Park.
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7 - Pinewoods in Ravenna
Coastal pinewood areas in Ravenna are woodland areas close to the coastal strip and are part of the wider Natural Reserve of Pinewoods in Ravenna.
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8 - Mausoleum of Theodoric
An icon of Ravenna's art, it is one of the most extraordinary examples of Ostrogothic monumental art, it is ranked among UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the only site void of mosaics in Ravenna.
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