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Destra Po, Stellata - Gorino


Delta del Po
Ciclabile Destra Po
Info and start:
km: 119
difference in altitude: flat land
bike: Road bike
track: asphalt
Signs: FE 20

Via Argine Po, 46 - Stellata
44.947734, 11.423285

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Route details
Stellata - Bondeno - Pontelagoscuro - Berra - Ariano Ferrarese - Mesola - Goro - Gorino

A route along an easy cycling path, on flatland and technically simple. Difficulties may arise from its length and full exposure to sunlight. But it is one of the most important bike-routes in Europe, running alongside the largest river in Italy in its last 100 kilometres. The itinerary is part of the VENTO project, the cycling path between Venice and Turin, stretching along the whole course of the river, creating a network involving famous towns and small hamlets, with an endless variety of experiences and attractions; going past many protected areas, VENTO aims at becoming the national manifesto of soft mobility.

Not to be missed:
The Po river is also a basin of civilization, landscapes and traditions; testimonies capable of conveying energy and fascination to those who approach it at the right speed, pedalling a bike.


1 - Stellata Fortress
The “ Mighty Fortress”, was a watchpost for the inland of Ferrara at the furthest northern end of the territory of the Estense family, together with its "twin" Fortress, that of Ficarolo, placed on the opposite river bank and swept away by the 1670 route. The fortress was built in its current form at the end of 1600, but was originally conceived in a star shape.
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2 - The Wine and Dine route in Ferrara
A succession of foggy cultivated crop fields, rice fields and watercourses, brackish valleys and overtowering buildings from the Este family period, are the frame to wine-growing and farming production, agri-food activities and enogastronomic specialities. Typical products and services from the territory of Ferrara, in the framework of an eco-compatible economy.
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3 - The Mill on the Po river
A faithful evocative reproduction of Nineteenth century mills ,it was born from historical research and the acquisition of information on old floating mills, with special reference to their dimensions, building techniques, systems and machinery.
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4 - The Mesola Castle
Built in 1578 by the last descendant of the Estense family, this structure is a cross between a fortress and a luxury dwelling or Delizia, protected by nine miles of town-walls and surrounded by a wood for hunting. The Deer and the della Mesola wood Museum is hosted in its halls.
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5 - IGP Rice from the Po Delta
The first testimonies on rice cultivation in this area date back to 1495. The soil of the Po Delta is particularly suitable for rice cultivation also thanks to its healthy sea breeze.
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6 - VENTO Cycling path
VENTO (acronym of VEN meaning Venice, and TO for Turin) is the project for a cycling path to connect Venice to Turin, running alongside the Po river and passing through the best renowned towns but also some hidden places in the inland so a sto favour dell’entroterra economic and cultural development in lesser known areas also.
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7 - The Sacca di Goro
One of the largest brackish lagoons on the Upper Adriatic Coast. The ecological uniqueness of this environment allows for the establishing and the presence of important communities of plant and animal life. Goro is an important fishing port in the Adriatic, from which several tourist motorships depart to discover the Po Delta.
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BIKE ROAD    >   Destra Po, Stellata - Gorino

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