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Ferrara Urban Trek


Ferrara Urban Trek
Via Volte
Info and start:
km: 11
difference in altitude: flat land
category: walking
track: asphalt, unmade roads

Piazzale San Giovanni, Ferrara
44.840754, 11.634682

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Route details
Porta degli Angeli - Parco Bassani - Parco Pareschi - Castello Estense - Via delle Volte - Mura

Town parks, fortified walls and the historical centre, a Unesco World Heritage. A town on a human scale, made for movement surrounded by nature and the architectural Renaissance beauties of the Estense family.

Not to be missed:
The itinerary unwinds itself in the town centre, but far from the traffic. The magic Via delle Volte, brings us into atmospheres from the past.


1 - The Angel's Gate
It was once the only access to the Barco Ducale hunting ground , located where the “G. Bassani”urban park is now situated.
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2 - The Bassani Park
Stretching around the town and the Po river, it occupies the area of the ancient Barco territory, one of the Estensi family's hunting reserves.
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3 - The Massari Park and Piazza Ariostea
A square with a characteristic oval shape, also famous for the Palio races.
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4 - The Diamond Palace
One of the best renowned Renaissance buildings in the world, taking its name from the shape of the over 8,500 white marble blocks making up its ashlar masonry.
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5 - The Estense Castle
One of the city's Icons, it was born as a fortress, to then become the magnificent dwelling of the Estense court.

6 - Cathedral and Piazza Trento Trieste
The Cathedral and square are the heart of the town. This is where the seats of the religious, civil and representative power for the seignories from Ferrara are found.
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7 - Via delle Volte
It is located in the medieval part of Ferrara and takes its name from the numerous arches and above-ground passages which cross it.
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8 - Walls
Bastions, dungeons, bombardier, are scattered in the city walls which enclose the entire town centre.
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WALKING    >   Ferrara Urban Trek

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