La Wellness Valley è il primo distretto mondiale del benessere e qualità della vita, si trova in Romagna, tra le province di Rimini, Forli-Cesena e Ravenna.
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The beauty of the Cities of Art in the Wellness Valley do not only lie in the architectonic works, but also in the Museums and the civic collections full of artistic testimonials, through which one can see the history of Romagna and of those who were born and raised here.

From the Dante Museum of Ravenna (city where the Supreme Poet spent his last years of his life), to the permanent mosaic collection – of which the city is the world capital - and which colours and illuminates the MAR, to discover the secret and techniques of this ancient art, still today an excellence of the local artisans. Add another stopover also at Tamo, in the church of San Nicolò.
Modern Art instead is the absolute protagonist on the hills of Cesena, at the Balestra Foundation of Longiano, named after the same poet, distinguished among the major artists of the Italian 20th century and a citizen of this really tiny village that counts only 6,000 inhabitants and conserves over 3,000 Italian and International 20th-century works. At Santarcangelo (RN) a museum is dedicated to another visionary Romagna artist, Tonino Guerra, after whom it is named, and contains a series of original art works of this illustrious citizen whose talent reached worldwide fame.
His magical polyhedric art production is traced through a video which focuses also on his experience as a stage scenery artist for the Oscar Awardee of Rimini, Federico Fellini. Rimini, his birthplace (where he lived up to the age of 19), is full of images that are recalled also in his films. The City Museum also named after him, a whole exhibition room that contains the two original albums where the Master gathered his sketches, notes and dreams. A splendid journey into the Roman-Age roots of this city, expressed in the Surgeon’s House, an archaeological finding belonging to the Imperial Age, and perfectly conserved.
An equally attractive itinerary in Forlì opens out between the Civic Art Gallery which also keeps a sculpture of Canova and various works of Guercino. The museums of San Domenico contain an Art Gallery, an Archaeological Museum and the Romagnoli Building, a historical building named after the Cesena family: among the civic collections of the 20th century which host the Verzocchi Collection, created by the project of a renowned Forli businessman.

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