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Ravenna Meldola
Corso cucina a Casa Artusi
Cripta Chiesa di San Francesco Ravenna
Info and start:
km: 56
difference in altitude: 480 mt
bike: Road bike
track: asphalt

Piazza del Popolo, Ravenna
44,417425, 12.199879

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Route details
Ravenna - San Bartolo - San Pietro in Vincoli - Ducenta - Rotta - San Leonardo - Forlimpopoli - Fratta Thermal baths– Meldola

A route from the town of mosaics pedalling a long way across the countryside in Ravenna, to Forlimpopoli, the town which is the symbol of gastronomy in Romagna, and gate to the first hills. The route continues gently to the town walls of Meldola to wind through the ramps of the Caminate Fortress, a strategic point with a wide range of views over the riviera and the hilly side of central Romagna. Finally, a rewarding descent to the Renaissance open gallery in the square at Meldola.

Not to be missed:
enogastronomic slant for this itinerary which expresses a genuine alliance between art, food, wine and pedals.


1 - The Basilica of Saint Francis
The crypt with mosaic flooring, is located under sea level and is flooded by rainwater like a small swimming pool. Here some fish often swim creating an evocative effect.
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2 - Ca’ de Vèn Wine bar
A wine bar created by the Tribunate of Romagna wines, it presents a display of the most expensive bottles of the finest wines from Romagna on its eighteenth-century shelves.
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3 - The TAMO Museum
A route along excellences (many of which previously unseen), of the mosaic heritage of Ravenna and its territory, from ancient times to modern and contemporary productions.
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4 - Casa Artusi
Casa Artusi is the centre of enogastronomic culture dedicated to home-made cuisine as codified by Pellegrino Artusi. Catering, workshops and promotion of home-made cuisine, in particular that of Romagna and the refined products from this territory.
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5 - Wine and Dine Route through the Hills of Forli' and Cesena
Instrument for the promotion and development of quality products and the enhancement of enogastronomic tourism in the province through itinaries, experiences and events.
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6 - Meldola Fortress
Meldola fortress, built in the 11th century, belongs to the most important feudal families such as the Montefeltro, Ordelaffi and Malatesta families who alternated in governing Romagna.
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7 - Rocca delle Caminate Fortress
An ancient stronghold, for its strategic position over the surrounding valleys. In 1927 the Fortress was donated to Benito Mussolini who turned it into his summer dwelling.
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