La Wellness Valley è il primo distretto mondiale del benessere e qualità della vita, si trova in Romagna, tra le province di Rimini, Forli-Cesena e Ravenna.



Santa Sofia
Valle del Bidente
Lago di Ridracoli
Info and start:
km: 54,5
difference in altitude: 980 mt
bike: Road bike
track: asphalt

Via Nefetti, Santa Sofia
43.947322, 11.908277

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Route details
Santa Sofia - Pianetto - Galeata - Passo Cento Forche - Premilcuore - Fiumicello - Corniolo - Santa Sofia

Pedalling between the valleys of the Bidente and Rabbi rivers, in the pre-appennine stretch of Tuscan Romagna, the historical region which is geographically and culturally Romagnola, but has historically been governed, by Florence since the end of 1400. An itinerary made difficult by two long uphill scope with, however, at intervals long stretches of valley bottoms;an ideal situation to enjoy landscapes filled with history, ancient castles and small remote hamlets along the way.

Not to be missed:
after Fiumicello one of the very few asphalted though wild stretches in the Park, which opens itself to discovery in its most authentic part: its natural woods, the signs of ancient civilizations like humpbacked bridges , ancient springs and mills.


1 - Santa Sofia
The seat of the Community of the Casentinesi Forest Park, it has inherited great artistic and cultural liveliness from Tuscan Romagna in the grand-ducal period, which has projected it towards the contemporary world.
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2 - The Wine Route in Forlì and Cesena
Instrument for the promotion and development of quality products and the enhancement of enogastronomic tourism in the province through itinaries, experiences and events.
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3 - Galeata, the archaeological area
This small town has been marked by the passage of several artistic cultures, mainly of Tuscan influence. In the town centre the Municipal Museum can be found which gathers archaeological finds from the pre-Roman age onwards.
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4 - Premilcuore
A small perfectly preserved medieval town. The Rabbi river which flows through it is suitable for swimming due to the wide river basins that are intercalated with the ancient roman bridges - between one waterfall basin and another.
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5 - The old Mengozzi Mill
An important testimony of mountain culture and of the pact between man and nature. Inside it you can admire ancient millstone still fully functioning.
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6 - The National Casentinesi Forest Park
One of the most impressive forest complexes in Europe, marked by extremely ancient routes connecting northern and central Italy and dotted with Reserves and protected areas of great naturalistic and environmental value.
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7 - The Valbonella Botanic Garden
A reconstruction of the main vegetation in the environment of the Appennine, with a rich collection of floral species.
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8 - Ridracoli (detour)
Lake Ridracoli, similar to a fjord winds through over three kilometres through the Bidente valley. Contained by a massive dam, the basin supplies water to all of Romagna.
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