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Tour Acquacheta


Canoa a San Benedetto in Alpe
Cascata Acquacheta
Cervi delle foreste casentinesi
Info and start:
km: 12
difference in altitude: 500 mt
category: trekking
Road surface: trails
Signs: CAI 407 - CAI 409

Via Acquacheta 2
43.98201, 11.68656

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Route details
San Benedetto in Alpe - Mollino dei Romiti - Cascata Acquacheta - Balze Trafossi - Monte di Londa - Prato Andreaccio - San Benedetto in Alpe

The destination of this itinerary is one of the best renowned waterfalls in Emilia-Romagna, which pours down from a magnificent marnstone-sandstone sloping cliff. A force of nature which is also the result of a sort of “fluvial drainage”, carried out around the year one thousand by a settlement of Benedictine monks. This route is a classic excursion on the Appennines between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna and it winds through an uncultivated valley, accompanied by the rumbling of the stream, following the path taken by Dante during his exile from Florence.

Not to be missed:
the waterfall is a true masterpiece of nature. When water levels are high the scene is impressive also thanks to the roaring noise of water, which explains the “ acoustic” comparison made by“Dante with the ”infernal” Flegetonte.


1 - Abbazia di San Benedetto in Alpe
One of the most ancient abbeys on the Appennine: There is documentation of the existence of a group of hermits dating back to the X century. This is where, 100 years later, Saint Romuald stopped before moving further south and founded the Camaldoli Hermitage.
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2 - The Casentinesi Forest Visitors Centre
The theme of interest of the Visitors Centre at Premilcuore is the theme of the fauna inhabiting the woods, the glades and watercourses on the territory of the Park.
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3 - The Romiti Mill
Grindstones in this ancient construction are still present and the water pipeline is well visible. A centuries-old beech stands a short distance away.
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4 - The Acquacheta Waterfall
Circondata da una foresta di querce, castagni, faggi e sempreverdi questa splendida cascata ha conquistato la fama grazie alla citazione letteraria di Dante Alighieri che soggiornò a lungo in questa zona.
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5 - The “Alta Via” trail of the Parks
A long walk through the northern Appennines, reaching 10 provinces and uniting National and regional Parks. The route is about 500 km long, and boasts some of the most suggestive stretches in the Casentinesi Forest Park.
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6 - The Casentinesi Forest National park
One of the most impressive forest complexes in Europe, marked by extremely ancient routes connecting northern and central Italy and dotted with Reserves and protected areas of great naturalistic and environmental value.
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7 - The forest and its civilization
Mountains dotted with houses hidden behind trees, remote churches, fields reconquered by nature. Until a few decades ago this territory was inhabited by people who had learned to coexist with the forest and the mountains.
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