La Wellness Valley è il primo distretto mondiale del benessere e qualità della vita, si trova in Romagna, tra le province di Rimini, Forli-Cesena e Ravenna.
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Tour Bagno Romagna


Tour Bagno Romagna
Palazzo del Capitano
Lago di Acquapartita
Info and start:
km: 15,5
difference in altitude: 800 mt
category: trekking
Road surface: unmade roads, trails, asphalt
Signs: CAI 193 - CAI 201 - CAI 189

Via Garibaldi
43.85826, 11.97717

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Route details
San Piero in Bagno - Corzano - Monte Castelluccio - Monte Carpano - Bagno di Romagna - San Piero in Bagno

Though very close to inhabited areas in the upper valley of the Savio river, in just a few kilometres, this route offers the gift of remarkable views of the landscape, intercalated by the historical testimonies of ancient religious buildings - the Sanctuary of Corzano, above San Piero in Bagno - or municipal buildings – The Captain’s Palace in Bagno di Romagna. The uphill slope from San Piero in Bagno winds up decidedly to one of the most enjoyable ridges in the upper Savio Valley. The downhill slope wich leads to the valley is a road from past times as testified by the boundary stones marking this part of the route: the“Mulattiera di Pietrapazza (the Mule-track in Pietrapazza), leading to far-away Ridracoli.

Not to be missed:
an unparalleled landscape for the vastity of the panorama the stretch along the crest of Mount Carpano, with the possibility to go further up to the even more panoramic peak, at an altitude of 1130 m.


1 - The Corzano Sanctuary
On this hill (678 m above sea level), nature, faith and history are intertwined in a suggestive manner. The Sanctuary was erected in mid nineteenth century to worship and preserve the image of the "Madonna with the child ", found inside a small church among the ruins of a castle belonging to the Count Guidi di Bagno family.
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2 - Mount Carpano
A panoramic balcony, with a view over the Appennine ridge between Tuscany and Romagna, northbound- westbound to Falterona, where the Arno river originates. A myriad of suggestive gorges and small valleys ascending from the valley, while the imposing Mount Fumaiolo from which the Tevere originates can be spotted southeast.
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3 - The Casentinesi Forest National Park
One of the most impressive forest complexes in Europe, marked by ancient tracks connecting north and central Italy and dotted with Reserves and protected areas of great naturalistic and environmental value.
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4 - The Chiardovo spring
An ancient spring of fresh sulphur-bicarbonate, oligomineral water, famous for its beneficial effects on health.
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5 - Natural spas
The thermal waters of Bagno di Romagna have been renowned since Roman times, their origins being considered of divine origin. The fruit of a particular geothermiacal process, three thermal establishments are supplied by these waters.
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6 - The Raviggiolo
Bagno di Romagna is one of the places where this fresh cheese from unpasteurized milk is produced. Manufactured in a traditional manner, thus in limited quantities, was glorified by Pellegrino Artusi.
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